Riverside Speedway


Vanessa Adcock

Vanessa has been around the motorsport scene for a number of years turning out top quality images at Drags, Hard Track, Teretonga, you name it she’s shot it.

Vanessa captured some amazing images at Riverside last season and is a key component to our infield team

Debra Race

Debra is one passionate speedway fan, always found at turn two cheering on brother Pete and nephew Shanan Knight, as well as her grandson Caydan who is racing in Youth Saloons.

Check out Debra’s new page¬†. Head on over and give the page the big thumbs up!

Alisha Race

Alisha started out taking a few photos of her son Caydan cutting laps in his Youth Saloon, much like her mother Debra who has been a long standing photographer at Riverside.

Alisha catches some great pit shots, really showing the hidden moments of our sport, she also ventured to the infield last season and produced some great images.

'Nothing But Dirt' Photography

Vanessa Adcock Photography