Riverside Speedway


Corbyn Shuttleworth

Corbyn Shuttleworth is one smooth dude with an eye for detail and a specialty for shots from the pits he is never far from the action with his camera. Check out Corbyn’s latest photography on his facebook page 

Debra Race

Debra is one passionate speedway fan, always found at turn two cheering on brother Pete and nephew Shanan Knight. Check out Debra’s new page . Head on over and give the page the big thumbs up!

Christopher Scrimgour

Christopher is new to our photography team, but has certainly turned out some brilliant images as a spectator.

This season he steps up to the role of an official photographer, capturing from outside the track.

Be sure to click on the red writting above to check out Christopher Facebook page.

Christopher Scrimgour Photography

'Nothing But Dirt' Photography

Corbyn Shuttleworth​ Speedway Photography